Introduction of That Chick With MD

Why the name?

I chose “That Chick With MD” because it’s essentially what I am, a female with Muscular Dystrophy. I will remain anonymous, for now, so I just thought that was a good name for a blog without revealing my identity. I think I also chose it because that’s probably how other people have seen me, especially in the “all dreaded” middle school and high school days. Although they didn’t know I had Muscular Dystrophy, not many people knew my name, and instead I was identified by my “un-normal” physical appearance and physical capabilities.

What will this blog be about?

I created this blog to record my journey as a female with Muscular Dystrophy trying to do what I love, although it may get complicated at times, and MD does interfere with a lot of things I enjoy doing. But this is what this blog will be about, me trying to defy MD by trying different methods to do certain activities that may be challenging to anyone with MD. My hope is that this blog somehow helps someone, at least one person, that may be in the same or similar situation. You don’t have to have Muscular Dystrophy to relate. I think this blog will be relatable to anyone facing any kind of obstacles in their life, no matter the reason.

That Chick With MD’s interests:

I love photography, anything from wildlife to newborns and portraits. I also love creating things, whether it be drawing with paper and pen, or recently digital drawing, I just love the feeling of creating something from nothing. I also enjoy other crafts like crocheting, knitting, and cooking. And last but not least, I’m a big nerd! I love video games. Currently I just play COD Blackops on the PS3. Feel free to join me!

I also like being active by going hiking, exploring new places within nature, and even going kayaking!

Let's talk!

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